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The Training Slog...

It’s time to get real. We’re exactly 3 months and 9 hours away from the start line of the MDS. We’ve worked up to consistently putting between 45-60 miles a week on our feet over the last couple of months, but as it has grown increasingly colder and darker outside, it also feels much harder for me to get out from underneath the warmth and comfort of my covers in the morning to complete my run. My motivation has begun to wane, and the sense of doubt and concern that the race may be pushed back another year because of the coronavirus, weighs heavily on our hearts and minds. Both Darin and I are having a particularly hard time maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and excitement for the race, and can only imagine how difficult that is going to be if we have to do the training all over again next year (and can’t fathom how our fellow runners who had signed up for the 2020 MDS are gearing up for what is now their third rescheduled date for this race).

We were blessed with an impromptu trip to Washington DC in mid-November, as well as the most glorious weather imaginable - a golden, sunny 75F! Just being able to do our long Sunday run in a new environment made it go by in a flash (running along the National Mall, people watching, and monument viewing didn’t hurt either)!

We also had the chance to participate in the Sand Spur Ultra last week in Jupiter, Florida, and getting to run around in the heat and sand boosted our spirits and helped to keep us motivated for Morocco! 🇲🇦

We’re just trying to keep our heads down and focused on the number one goal...crossing that MDS finish line 🏁! If that doesn't happen until 2022 or beyond...well, we’ll just be in even better shape when the time comes! xoxo, Jules (& D too!)

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