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Run For Grace - Our Passion For Action YouTube Interview!

Team Sahara Strong joined Jen & Anthony Bailey / Run for Grace on their “Passion For Action” Show on YouTube, to share our Marathon Des Sables training and fundraising journey for St. Baldrick's Foundation (link to the full interview above)! We talk about Jules’s competitive spirit and why it almost kept her from running, life in the Marathon Des Sables bivouac ⛺️, venom extractors 💉, WHY IT PAYS TO COME DEAD ☠️ 🏁 LAST at the MDS / DFL, camel 🐪 spiders 🕷, and snakes 🐍, and scorpions 🦂, ... OH MY 😱🤣, Darin’s lifelong work dedicated to cancer/medical research 🥼🔬, 80s 👩🏼‍🎤, rap 🎶, and EDM 🌈 music, poker ♠️♥️♣️♦️, the pandemic 😷... and so much more! 💛 Hope you enjoy it! 🤗

The Aforementioned Camel 🐪 Spiders 🕷! 😩😬😱

Marathon des Sables 2022

Sahara Strong: Conquering the Sand to End Childhood Cancers Together

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