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Lake Tahoe 🏕 🌲 🥾

We had originally planned on being in Nevada for Burning Man earlier this month, and had even scored a prime camping spot at Lester Beach in Lake Tahoe to decompress. Of course, because of Covid-19, most of our grand summer plans were cancelled, but we decided to still use our camping 🏕 reservation since it was a socially distant environment. We chose to take the opportunity to get a ton of MDS gear/kit testing in, bust out our trekking poles, try out a bunch of backpacking food options, and to work on sorting out our sleep systems.

We also managed to work in a lot of hiking / running / jogging / walking / and crawling 😅🤣.

We even managed to squeeze in a lunch with our indefatigable coach, The Queen 👑 herself, Meghan Canfield! That hour and a half flew by in the blink of an eye...we could’ve chatted with her all day! Big thanks to Meghan for coming all the way to Tahoe to hang with us! 🤗

Camping in Tahoe ended up being just what we needed. It actually gave us quite a bit of confidence... not showering for a week, getting incredibly dirty, sweaty, hot, cold, hungry, sleeping in a tent; just waking up every morning and throwing our workout clothes back on and quickly brushing our teeth and washing our faces, then going for a long hike, getting back to our tent and firing up the Esbit stove and tucking in to some dehydrated meals. It all helped us to know that although we’re not yet there physically, that we may just be able to do this thing we’ve dedicated the last 7 months (and future 7 months) of our lives to that we signed up for! We’re actually camping again down in Cape May, NJ next month to further refine our kit/gear/race nutrition. We’re also looking for another 50K race to sign up for in the next 2-3 months (so if anyone has any ideas, we’d love to hear them)! Thank you as always, for following along and supporting our training journey! More soon... - D & J

Marathon des Sables 2021

Sahara Strong: Conquering the Sand to End Childhood Cancers Together

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