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How do you sleep in the desert after running all day in the HEAT?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Probably very deeply or very badly?

Well, to make sure we can sleep well in the desert, we need to test out our gear. Since the race is completely self supported, meaning we have to carry everything we'll need for the entire week, everything we bring must be as light as possible. We've done a ton of research to find the lightest, strongest, most comfortable sleep systems including sleeping bags from PhD Designs and NEMO, Big Agnes inflatable pads, and ThermaRest sleeping pads. While the days in Eastern Morocco can get upwards of a toasty 125F (50C), the nights can get down to a chilly 40F (4C). So how do you test your gear in Princeton, NJ? You crank up the air conditioning all day then go camping on the concrete floor in the basement! We got the temperature down to 45F (7C)! The gear did well although Jules will probably need a silk sleeping sack to stay warm enough. We will have to test these sleeping systems on some real camping trips later this year. So far so good!

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