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Burning Man Virtual Ultramarathon - #BRC50K - 31 Miles in Central Park 🌳 NYC 🗽🏙🍎

The Burning Man Ultramarathon #BRC50K experience was absolutely brilliant. Although we weren’t able to run our first ever ultra in Black Rock City with our burner runners fam 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃🏻 as planned, Central Park 🌳 felt like the perfect alternate environment. Jules confessed recently that she “honestly didn’t even know one could run further than a marathon until last year 😬👀🤣” ... and so we want to take a moment to thank Cherie Yanek (Race Director and Founder of the BRC50K and Pink Lightning 💓⚡️ Camp), as well as Ryan Van Duzer & Kerry Ward for making us aware of ultras in the first place, and specifically for introducing us to the Burning Man Ultra via their infectiously joyful YouTube videos covering the race! We volunteered at the Black Rock City 50K trash fence aid station last year (we even caught a 5 am set by Daft Punk) 🤣, and we vowed to make the Burning Man Ultramarathon 2020, our first ever ultra. We also want to thank our fearless coach, the Queen 👑, Meghan Laws, for getting us to the starting line and for all of her kind encouragement and wise advice! Here are a few pics of us volunteering last year on the playa:

NYC ended up providing the perfect virtual Playa ... We couldn’t think of another place outside of Black Rock City, NV where no one would look at us twice for wearing tutus! 🤣 (The Burning Man Ultramarathon is traditionally run on “Tutu 🩰 Tuesday” during Burning Man week.)

From the first mile to the last, we had people yelling out to us: “Nice outfits!” “I love your tutus!” “Way to go”! “You guys rockkkkkk!” ... there were large groups of people who stood up and clapped for us and shouted lovely words of encouragement ... we ran into a woman who screamed “ARE YOU BURNERS?!” and we ended up stopping and having the most heartwarming chat with her, a fellow burner, Lynn Kraselsky ... it made our whole day ...

We saw a man running and juggling 🤹🏻‍♂️ simultaneously and came upon 2 poker tables set out on the grass at the halfway point ♠️ ... There were so many live musicians 🎸🎵🎻🎶 🎷performing and we danced and twirled as if we were on the playa. On our very last mile, a man on a bike pulled up next to us and said “HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN OUT HERE?! CUZ I KNOW I seen you two at 7 o’clock this morning?!” When we told him we were just wrapping up our 31st mile, he was absolutely stunned and then showered us with the kindest words of praise for our efforts! (Jules even got a photo with the statue of Fred Lebow, the founder of the NYC Marathon) #BurningManUltraMarathon ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀




Our nephew, Jackson, even rented a CitiBike 🚲 and rode through the park to meet us / cheer us on around mile 18!

Somehow Jules only ended up with the tiniest blister on her big toe but didn’t feel it all day until taking her shoes and socks off back at the hotel. Darin experienced some pain in his feet 🦶🏼and a little niggle in his ankle/ extensor muscles. But all in all we came out of it in pretty good shape. Moving our nephew into his NYU dorm at 0900 the next morning was one way to force ourselves out of bed! 🤣

The #strugglefest was real! ...Now we’re just looking to register for our next 50K! (Or maybe even 50 miler?! 👀 Who knows?!? 😉)

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